Vista Eye

Effective solution to live streaming of tennis tournaments
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What is Vista Eye?

Vista Eye is a modern technology to provide live streaming and recording tennis matches, or other sports. The image is recorded by a special camera and directly streamed on the Internet, and at the same time it is saved in the archive for future viewing and analysis of the match. You can use your PC, tablet or your mobile phone to watch it.

The technology is manly designed for use by tennis clubs, tournament organisers or tennis associations. Basically, by those who organise tennis tournaments and are interested in developing the game and making the public more involved.

How does it work??

Archives of the recordings

All recordings are saved in the archives and are available online for future viewing as well as analysis of the individual player. The catalogue of recordings is chronological according to the tournaments and matches so it is easy to find what you are looking for. Fulltext search is of course available.

Online stream wherever you are

Thanks to modern recording technology it is possible to view live stream practically on every device with Internet access, whether you use a PC or your mobile phone, just open Vista TV website and watch the live stream.

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