Training court

For effective training and visible improvement to your play.

Use modern technologies right on the tennis court for your more effective training.
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What is the Training court?

The Training court is the usual tennis court equipped with camera technology Vista Sport, adapted for instant use right on the court during a training session. Three cameras with synchronised recording enable the coach and the player to work with the video recording in the real time. The benefit is a considerably higher effectiveness of the training session and a faster improvement of the play. The motivation aspect is noticeable as well.

How does it work??

Viewing the recording from the cameras right during a training session

It is possible to view the recording from all three cameras on a tablet or mobile phone immediately during the training. Two stationary cameras and one mobile make it possible to record every shot or every situation from three different angles according to the player´s or coach´s wishes.

You can analyse the training session immediately after it has finished straight on the court on your tablet. The coach can then point out to the player:

  • improve individual shots
  • analyse the strategy in various situations

Recording of training sessions

Apart from using the recording from the three cameras during the training, it is possible to save it for later use in preparation of the player outside the tennis court. The recording can be used for:

  • following the development of the player ( by comparing the video recordings of the same player in different periods of time)
  • comparing various players
  • sharing the video between the coach and the player
  • saving it and sharing the highlights with friends on social media websites

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