Analysis of the game

Utilise your strengths as
well as your opponent´s

Discover your and your opponents´ strengths and weaknesses
and increase the effectiveness of your preparation.
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How can the analysis of the game be useful for you?

Our analysis serves for detailed evaluation of the performance in the game and for the identification of strengths and weaknesses of the players and their opponents. The analysis is based on video recording of the match. It is a useful tool for effective coaching and for planning the training process. It helps not only top players and professionals but also promising juniors or players at the tennis club level.

How does it work?

What is the outcome of the analysis

You get a complex document that describes in detail the analysed game. The description is based on detailed statistics, which is then used by our experts for the analysis of your, or your opponent´s, performance. They can point out your strengths and weakness that led to the result of the match.

Improve rapidly
your performance

The analysis of the game is a useful tool for a more effective training. Thanks to exact data from individual matches you can focus during the training session on the most important aspects of your performance that decide whether you lose or win the game.

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