Smart technology for your sport

We are moving tennis to a higher level. We provide live streaming of tennis
tournaments, we offer complex solutions for tournament management,
we provide detailed analyses of the match, and we are developing
modern training court.

Vista EYE
Vista Eye

Effective solution to live streaming from tennis tournaments.
Training court

Modern technology right on the tennis court for a more effective training.
Analysis of the game

We analyse your game and find your strengths as well as your opponent’s weaknesses.

How can VistaSport help you?

VistaSport will enable you to focus on the most important thing – on your game. Everything else is on us. Thanks to modern technology we are helping to improve the tennis environment not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole of Europe. Our technology enables simple streaming of tennis tournaments; we offer to the organizers a complex online tool for the management of the tournaments. We also offer expert analyses to individual players as well as a unique technology of the training court.

Our solutions

Vista Eye

Smart solution using a camera system for live streaming of tennis matches as well as for recording them. Video, which is filmed with a special camera, is transmitted directly on the Internet and it is easy to watch it on your PC, tablet or mobile phone.
Vista Eye
Analysis ofthe game

Vista TV

Watch live stream of tennis tournaments online, or browse the extensive archive of tennis matches. VistaTV is your gate to the world of junior tennis. Each month you can also read the favourite magazine Fifteen/Fiftýn.

  • Watch online wherever you are
  • Live stream of tennis tournaments from the Czech Republic as well as from Europe
  • Archive of junior tournaments
  • Tennis magazine Fiftýn


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